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About us 

CIK is a widely praised international school which has a reputation for teaching the best educational programs. CIK has achieved recognition from countless Korean parents along with parents from many other countries since its establishment in 1998.

CIK has prepared diverse educational programs which are challenging and suitable for childhood development. These programs are carefully structured to be age-appropriate based on extensive educational research.

CIK is an international school raising children to be global leaders. With the advancement of technology and globalization it is more critical, now than ever, that children be given the opportunities and tools to flourish. CIK provides this through the advancement of education. CIK uses a variety of teaching materials and programs to help the children to be successful. CIK employs teachers and managers who are experienced and have a vast knowledge of education. Each member of CIK uses their experience and knowledge to provide a joyful and caring learning experience.


CIK will continue to provide children with the best opportunities to become leaders in today’s global market through the best educational programs. CIK would like to extend sincere gratitude to all the students and parents; as well as, all of the educational experts around the world who provide excellent educational programs for their continuous support to CIK. It is due to the continuous support that CIK has become one of the best educational institutions in Korea.



It all starts at CIK


Why CIK Program

1. International School Program benefits by Benchmarking from Korean Education

CIK’s special International School Program has a wide variety of Korean Educational benefits that include the development of a child’s originality, confidence, intelligence and social skills as they grow and learn through our program 

2. Skilled Experience of Education

Since opening in 1998, CIK has been educating children and putting forth effort to provide proper education. With skilled and experienced teachers and an outstanding and challenging curriculum, CIK has been commended by many parents. CIK is a renowned excellent educational institution. 

3. Quality Program

CIK programs enhance students to achieve educational goals; for example, ability of understanding, know the difference between right and wrong, creativity and problem solving skills. We also teach emotional and social skills through balanced integrated education programs such as language, math, science, music, social studies, art and physical education. 

CIK provides the best education programs and events in order for the students to actively engage in all of the programs. For example, summer camp, observation of animals and plants, watching musicals, field trips, and swimming class. 

4. Variety of After School Programs

We also provide a variety of after school programs; for example, cooking class, special art class, dance class, Taekwondo class, piano class, ballet class, swimming class, Korean class, and math class. Each class will be an enjoyable experience for the students in attendance!



(1) Daycare & Preschool Course: 24 month3 years

This program consists of various educational programs which are based on fun materials. These programs help children to overcome separation anxiety problems. Every class progresses with various education activities; such as, gym, art, storytelling, English games, art& craft, music, cooking class and many more activities. All of these activities stimulate children’s curiosity. Our school staff provides heartwarming care to every child, so that each and every child can develop independence and social skills.

(2) Pre Kindergarten Course & Kindergarten Course: 3 years5 years

This program helps to improve intellectual development through various programs such as movements, and speech and arts to develop good behaviors in children at their age level. Kids learn through hands-on activities in their classes that widen their imagination, helping them become more creative. As your child grows they will be more focused on academic programs which help them to adjust well to elementary school. Other than academic classes your child will be a part of outdoor activities, cooking classes, happy zoo presentations, and birthday parties. 

(3) After School Program

After the lessons, a variety of afternoon activities will be provided for children to enjoy their afternoon.Kids cooking, Taekwondo, ballet, soccer, swimming, skate, fun in math, storytelling, reading & speech, gym, writing will make children be joyful. 

(4) Elementary School After School & Summer School, Winter School Programs.

Elementary programs run during summer and winter vacation. Elementary programs are opened for elementary school students to encourage their learning ability. Our programs motivate student’s interest in reading books, giving students the opportunity to extend their learning ability.


** Admission ** 

CIK Daycare & Preschool & Kindergarten Course 

1. Daycare Course :

Age: 24 month 3year

2. Preschool & Kindergarten Course:

Age: 3 year5 year


- Regular Class : 9 : 30 am 2 : 40 pm

- After School : 2 : 40 pm 4 : 30 pm

* Preschool and kindergarten students after school is optional.

Kids are able to participate in after school programs until 4 : 30 pm


After school program course 

Elementary after school course:

Age: 1st grade

Time: 2:40 pm 4:30 pm


** Contact INFO **

Address: 634-4 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel: 02-543-5563


FACEBOOK: www.facebook/cikcrada


636-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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Great Experience!

My son has been in this school for over two years and this is by far the best private kindergarten in Gangnam.

July 2018

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