Seoul Subway Guide

If you are always struggling with the Korean subway system, then we have the solution. You can download Subway Korea App.

First, let us introduce you Seoul’s subway. About price, a one-way ticket if you don’t own any T-money card, will cost you 1350won and if you have a T-Money card, it will cost 1250won. We highly recommend you to buy this card, you can buy them directly at the station or in convenient store and recharge them also at the station or in a convenience stores. Plus, you can use them for buses also! We will give you more detail about it in another post.

Here is a chart of the fares (source: )
Seoul Subway Fares (as of August 10, 2016)

Basic Fare for 10 km

Transportation payment (T-money)


Adults (age 19 and older)

1,250 won

1,350 won

Teens (age 13-18)

720 won

1,350 won

Children (age 7-12)

450 won

450 won


  • Total distances exceeding 10 km: 100 won for every 5km between 10 to 50km / 100 won for every 8km when exceeding a total of 50km.
  • Children age of 6 and younger: Free of charge.
    * Fare systems differ for every region; please refer to information below (as of August 10, 2016).

To know: if you take the bus and right after the subway or the contrary, it will be considered as transfer, and you will not have an extra cost (unless you traveled more than the fare distance or take some special buses, sometimes you will have a 50won transfer cost). In the case, you are over the fare distance, you will have a “transfer cost” that will vary depending also on how far you go. You can find detailed information on the Seoul Subway official website:


Back to the application, Subway Korea. In a past artcile we introduced you a good application for buses, this one work just as well, and does not require an internet connection!

This App is available in English on both Android and iPhone.

You will be able to check the subway map, search for a specific station, check in real time when you train will arrive (a kind of timetable). Really useful and time saving!

Important: Don’t forget to update the App when it requires, the timetables can change!

Here are some screenshots that show you the main features of this App.

On this first screenshot, you can see how to choose your route. Simply click the desired departure station and select “depart from”, then click the desired arrival station and select “arrive at”.

After it will automatically generate your route, and by clicking the detail information you can see your route, if there is a  transfer or not, and you can check the timetable by clicking the station name.


We hope it will be helpful and help you to travel in Seoul

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22 Dec 2017