Visiting an English-Speaking Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists in Korea

English-Speaking Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists in Korea

정신과, or psychiatrists, are plentiful in Korea. If you are in Seoul, there should be a practicing psychiatrist within a 30 to 40-minute radius. Unlike most clinics in Korea, where walk-ins are welcome, you should make an appointment in advance to speak with a psychiatrist. You also want to screen in advance for the right The difference between counsellors and psychiatrists are whether they are allowed to give out medication perscription or not. Of course psychiatrist is a doctor and counsellor is not. You can visit either major hospitals or private clinics.


Major Hospitals vs. Private Clinics:


Major Hospitals


  • Appointments available with an international clinic
  • English and multilingual hotline
  • Guaranteed English-speaking psychiatrist available
  • Access system more advanced and can be referred to a specific specialist
  • For dealing with serious chronic mental conditions
  • Koreans take children and teenagers there for ensure their child receives secure treatment


  • Long process
  • Expensive
  • Time with doctor is short (Why: major hospitals are for more serious problems so they won’t cover some of the smaller issues)


Private Clinic


  • One-on-one counselling with doctor
  • Less expensive
  • Easy access and process
  • Can refer you to a large hospital if warranted


  • Private doctors tend to overprescribe medication
  • Might take longer for diagnosis and treatment than a major hospital


Does insurance cover medical treatments for mental conditions?

Insurance does cover for both for counselling and medication prescription. Even though the information from the clinics office is 100% confidential, the doctors would have to share your medical files with the insurance company. As a result, many Koreans pay out of pocket in order to avoid a paper trail. However, it is completely up to you which method you choose. Your psychiatrist should be willing to help you with either method.





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