Seoul Chiropractor, Top rated chiropractor in South Korea

Seoul Chiropractor, Top Rated Chiropractor in South Korea


Unlike Western countries, chiropractors are not in huge abundance in Seoul. Most Koreans choose to visit Korean medical clinics or acupuncture clinics for pains and illness that would regularly receive chiropractic treatment in a Western country. These treatments are called Chuna (추나) or Dosu(도수) and are so popularly used that they are covered by Korean national insurance.

Nevertheless, there are chiropractors working in Korea. Most of the chiropractors are trained or licensed in either Australia or in the U.S., and they all speak great English. Although it is slightly more expensive than the U.S., if you have private international insurance that includes a chiropractic plan, most of chiropractic treatments you could receive are covered.

Here is the best known chiropractic clinic in Itaewon. Because they are central to the expat community in Seoul, they are well-known and have received great reviews. You can check out their website and the facebook pages HERE.

Create Wellness Chiropractic Center

Create Wellness Center is located in the heart of Seoul, serving the expat community since 2000. CWC offers chiropractic, non-surgical treatment for the relief of spine pain, low back pain, leg pain, neck pain and headache. Our dedicated team of professionals is available to help you to feel better and get active again. Contact us today!

Address: 211 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


Email: info@

Tel: 02 749 4849



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What a wonderful experience

Everyone who works here are very supportive and caring.Great place for any physical treatment you may need.

February 2019

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Friendly staff

Great massage therapist. Friendly staff!

February 2019

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